Cómo almacenar Matcha y mantenerlo fresco?

How To Store Matcha And Keep It Fresh?

Matcha is a very delicate and sensitive tea that needs to be stored properly to maintain the full-bodied flavor. Because Matcha is a very fine-ground powder, the particles have a more surface area per volume and that means they are more exposed to the elements. And like a green tea drinker you should know that heat, humidity, light, air and odors are the natural enemies of each green tea. So be especially careful with storing your Matcha.

To find the best solution for storing Matcha is not so simple as you maybe think. most suppliers often only give you these general recommendations: air-tight, light-tight and a dry cool place. That says a lot important stuff but missing a good advice for implementation. The shelf life of Matcha under ideal conditions is about a year. Not much time. As soon as you open a package of Matcha the shelf life is reduced to max 4 weeks.

If you buy Matcha in bigger quantities for saving shipping charges for example, it’s best to store your Matcha in the freezer. But before storing Matcha in the freezer carefully check the packaging if it’s in good condition. And be aware of that Matcha can becoming wet when frozen and then exposed to air.