Matcha is a 100% natural food

Matcha is a food that is 100% derived from natural matcha green tea leaves, it can be preserved for a long time under appropriate conditions to keep its quality. Allowing the products’ best before date to be eighteen months from the time of production if kept in a cool place and unopened.

Factors Affecting Matcha Storage

Matcha is vulnerable to high temperatures, moisture, light, and odors. The flavor of matcha is affected by the temperature and moisture, damaging the aroma unique to matcha called covered aroma, causing the color of matcha to turn into a yellow green. Also, the color of matcha fades when exposed to light. It also absorbs odors.

Store Matcha in freezer

Matcha should be stored in freezer, refrigerator, or in a cool place to avoid high temperatures. It is better to keep the product unopened for medium to long term storage. The quality stays the same for a longer period of time under low temperatures, therefore, preservation in a freezer or refrigerator is recommended.

If you decide to preserve your matcha in the freezer or refrigerator, allow it to return to room temperature before opening it, and consume soon after opening. If the package is opened when it is still cold, it will absorb moisture condensing in the air due to the difference in temperatures, resulting in a rapid degradation of quality.

Conclusion of store Matcha:

According to national standards for matcha, the storage of matcha should be controlled at a temperature 0°C ~ 6°C, and a relative humidity below 50%. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to sealing, avoiding light, moisture, and odor.