Cosmetics Sericite Mica Powder


What is Sericite Mica Powder?

TIZAN provides Cosmetics Sericite Mica powder is fine-grained mica, similar to muscovite, illite, or paragonite. It is a common alteration mineral of orthoclase or plagioclase feldspars in areas that have been subjected to hydrothermal alteration typically associated with copper, tin, or other hydrothermal ore deposits. It also occurs as the fine mica that gives the sheen to phyllite and schistose metamorphic rocks.

The name comes from Latin sericus, meaning “silken,” about the location from which silk was first utilized, which in turn refers to the silky sheen of rocks with abundant sericite.

Sericite Mica powder is the primary ingredient in mineral makeup. It is off-white to satin powder, which spreads easily and has excellent adhesion and water and oil-resistant properties.

It is natural and untreated. It can be used as a base ingredient in place of bismuth oxychloride in the mineral foundation, blush, eye shadow, and body powders to create a smooth formula with easy application. It reflects light but does not have a glittery appearance, and it is also not matte.

What is Sericite Mica powder use for?

Firstly, improves smoothness and adhesion to the skin, so that makeup can be worn longer without flaking and creasing. Secondly, it gives consistency to colors with its relative transparency, making it applicable to all shades.Thirdly, adds a soft translucent sheen to the final product.


ModelAppearanceWhitenessD50325 Mesh Sieve ResiduesPbAsHg
TZ-S01White Powder≥77%≤11μm≤0.1%≤10 ppm≤3 ppm≤1 ppm
TZ-S02White Powder≥78%≤10μm≤0.1%≤10 ppm≤3 ppm≤1 ppm
TZ-S03White Powder≥83%≤13μm≤0.1%≤10 ppm≤3 ppm≤1 ppm
TZ-S04White Powder≥84%≤12μm≤0.1%≤10 ppm≤3 ppm≤1 ppm


  • 20 Kg/Bag
  • Sample – aluminum foil bag vacuum packing.

The Best Sericite Mica Suppliers TIZAN

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Why Choose TIZAN Cosmetics Sericite Mica powder?

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Where to buy Cosmetics Sericite Mica?

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