What is Cosmetic grade 99% Ectoine powder?

Cosmetic grade 99% Ectoine powder is a natural protective ingredient produced by desert halophilic bacteria in the high temperature, dryness, strong UV irradiation, and high salinity environment in the outer layer of cells, so it is also called halophilic bacteria extract. Many high-end cosmetics add Ectoine, which has a good repair and protection effect on the skin.

Cosmetic grade 99% Ectoine powder is widely used in daily chemical products. Because of its mild non-irritating, MAX moisturizing power and no greasy feeling, it can be added to various skin care products, such as toner, sunscreen, cream, facial mask, spray, Repair lotion, lotion, etc.

Ectoine powder benefits

  • Ectoine brings visible and long-term anti-aging effects to our skin. It reduces transepidermal water loss, increases hydration, and retains skin moisture for 7 days without repeated use. Additionally, it calms and soothes irritated and damaged skin. The regeneration process of the skin is significantly increased.
  • It protects the number of epidermal melanocytes in UV-irradiated human skin, thereby reducing UV-induced cellular immunosuppression.
  • It is an alternative to corticosteroids without any side effects. Can be used to treat eczema, neurodermatitis. It is also approved for the treatment and prevention of pollution-induced lung diseases such as COPD and asthma.







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