What is Cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder?

We supply Cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder (HBN Powder). Cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder (HBN) is the most widely used polymorph. It is a good lubricant at both low and high temperatures. HBN lubricant is particularly useful when the electrical conductivity or chemical reactivity of graphite would be problematic. Another advantage of HBN over graphite is that its lubricity does not require water or gas molecules trapped between the layers. Therefore, lubricants can be used even in a vacuum, e.g., in space applications. The lubricating properties of fine-grained HBN are used in cosmetics, paints, dental cement, and pencil leads.

What is Hexagonal boron nitride powder use for?

Cosmetics Field

Cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder was first used in cosmetics around 1940 in Japan. However, because of its high price, HBN powder was soon abandoned for this application. Its use was revitalized in the late 1990s with the optimization of cosmetics Grade HBN powder production processes. HBN powder is used by nearly all leading producers of cosmetic products for foundations, makeup, eye shadows, blushers, kohl pencils, lipsticks, and other skincare products.

HBN is sometimes called White Graphite because it has a structure and properties that are similar to graphite. Cosmetics grade Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder is commonly used to improve tactile coverage, skin smoothing, and anti-wrinkle properties of mineral makeup lines. It is also prized for its “oil-absorbing” properties and even helps shorten the makeups drying time when applied, and the longer-lasting wear features it provides. Cosmetics Grade HBN powder is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and provides whitening properties, which tend to make cosmetics with HBN powder ideal for use on problematic or sensitive skin types.

High-Temperature Equipment

Because of its excellent thermal and chemical stability, boron nitride ceramics are traditionally used as parts of high-temperature equipment. It can be included in ceramics, alloys, resins, plastics, rubbers, and other materials, giving them self-lubricating properties. Such materials are suitable for the construction of, e.g., bearings and in steelmaking. Plastics filled with BN have less thermal expansion as well as higher thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. Due to its excellent dielectric and thermal properties, BN is used in electronics, e.g., as a substrate for semiconductors, microwave-transparent windows, and structural material for seals.

Leakage Barrier Layer

Hexagonal BN is used in the xerographic process and laser printers as a charge leakage barrier layer of the photo drum. The automotive industry, mixed with a binder (boron oxide), is used for sealing oxygen sensors, which provide feedback for adjusting fuel flow. The binder utilizes the unique temperature stability and insulating properties of HBN.

Proton Conductor

Two-dimensional HBN is an excellent proton conductor, yielding unexpectedly high proton transport rates. This high proton transport rate, combined with the high electrical resistance of HBN, may lead to important advances in research such as Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis.

Bullet Lubricant

HBN has recently started to be used as a bullet lubricant as an alternative to Molybdenum disulfide, commonly referred to as “moly coating.” It is claimed to increase barrel life.

Which product containing cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder?

  • Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Liquid Foundation
  • Foundation
  • Loose Powder
  • Concealers
  • Brushes
  • Pencils
  • Lipsticks

Cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder Properties

CAS No.10043-11-5
Molecular FormulaBN
Molecular Weight24.82
ApplicationAdditives of Cosmetics


Total Oxygen<0.5%<0.5%<0.5%<0.5%<0.5%
Si, Al, Ca<10ppm each<10ppm each<10ppm each<10ppm each<10ppm each
Cu, K, Fe, Na, Ni, Cr<10ppm each<10ppm each<10ppm each<10ppm each<10ppm each
Crystal Size<3μm<3μm<3μm<3μm<12μm
BET13.9 m2/g13.2 m2/g9.5 m2/g9.5 m2/g9.3 m2/g
Tap Density0.17 g/cm30.24 g/cm30.37 g/cm30.31 g/cm30.32 g/cm3


  • 20 Kg/Bag
  • Sample – aluminum foil bag vacuum packing.

Where to buy cosmetic grade Hexagonal boron nitride powder?

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