What is Black rice extract Anthocyanin?

Black rice extract Anthocyanin is water-soluble vacuolar pigments that, depending on their PH, may appear red, purple, or blue.

Food plants rich in anthocyanins include the blueberry, raspberry, black rice, and black soybean, among many others that are red, blue, purple, or black. Some of the colors of autumn leaves are derived from anthocyanins. It belongs to a parent class of molecules called flavonoids synthesized via the phenylpropanoid pathway. They occur in all tissues of higher plants, including leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruits. It is derived from anthocyanidins by adding sugars. They are odorless and moderately astringent.

What is black rice?

Black rice is a range of rice types of the species Oryza sativa L., some of which are glutinous rice. Varieties include Indonesian black rice and Thai jasmine black rice. Black rice is high in nutritional value and is a source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants. The bran hull of black rice contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanin antioxidants found in food.

The grain has a similar amount of fiber to brown rice and, like brown rice, has a mild, nutty taste. In China, black rice is claimed to be good for the kidney, stomach, and liver. Black rice has a deep black color and usually turns deep purple when cooked. Its dark purple color is primarily due to its anthocyanin content, which is higher by weight than that of other colored grains. It is suitable for making porridge, dessert, traditional Chinese black rice cake, bread, and noodles.

Black rice extract Anthocyanin benefits

  • Enhances heart health, and improves cholesterol levels and blood sugar metabolism, as well as fight oxidative stress.
  • Prevent high blood pressure.
  • Weight loss.
  • Inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.


Anthocyanidins (UV)≥25.0%
AppearanceViolet Fine Powder
Particle Size100% Pass 80 Mesh
Bulk Density40-60g/100ml
Loss on Drying≤5.0%
Sulphated Ash≤5.0%
Heavy Metals≤10ppm
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g
Yeast and Mold≤100cfu/g

Shelf Life

2 Years


Store in tightly sealed containers in cool and dry place, away from moisture, light, oxygen.


  • Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. N.W:25kgs .I.D.35×H51cm.
  • 1Kg/Bag, aluminum foil bag vacuum packing.
  • Sample, double sealed water plastic bags inside with the aluminum bag outside.

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