What is Longan fruit extract?

Longan fruit extract (Euphoria longana extract) is extracted from the fruit of the longan, is a tropical tree species that produces edible fruit. The fruit of the longan is like that of the lychee but less aromatic in taste. It resembles an eyeball when its fruit is shelled. The seed is small, round and hard, and of an enamel-like, lacquered black. The fully ripened, freshly harvested fruit has a bark-like shell, thin and firm, making the fruit easy to peel by squeezing the pulp out as if one were “cracking” a sunflower seed. When the shell has more moisture content and is more tender, the fruit becomes less convenient to the shell. The tenderness of the shell varies due to either early harvest, variety, weather conditions, or transport/storage conditions.

Euphoria longan fruit extract benefits

  • Firstly, Longan fruit extract (Euphoria longana extract) does miracles to nerve problems and is highly recommended as an anti-depressant. They give a relaxing effect to the nerves and are proven to enhance nerve function, lower irritability, and reduce fatigue. It treats neurasthenic neurosis and insomnia and is also capable of dealing with the neurasthenic and sleeping disorder.
  • Secondly, euphoria longana extract improves wound healing capability and increases longevity. Together with polyphenols, it helps to combat the free radicals within the body and prevents cell damage. It also helps to reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.
  • Thirdly, longan seed extract improves blood circulation and increases iron assimilation in the human body, which prevents the occurrence of anemia.
  • Fourthly, euphoria longana extract is an excellent energy enhancer and is an outstanding Qi tonic that raises long-term energy. Being a Qi tonic, it can be used to alleviate sleeplessness, the lapse of memory, and anxiousness which are the outcome of blood and Qi deficiency.
  • Fifthly, longan seed extract benefits the heart condition by cutting down stress and fatigue. It effectively stimulates spleen and heart conditions, rejuvenates blood circulation, and provides a soothing effect on the nervous system. It also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and strokes.
  • Sixthly, it contains anti-aging properties and is proven to improve skin health. It also keeps the teeth and gums in good condition.
  • Moreover, it contains saponin, tannin, and fat that serve as a substance that draws the tissue together thereby constricting, the tissues and effectively stops blood and other secretion.


Part of UsedFruit
Specification Available10:1/50:1/100:1 or customized
AppearanceBrown Yellow Powder

Shelf Life

2 Years


Store in tightly sealed containers then place in cool and dry place, and away from moisture, light, oxygen.


  • Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. N.W:25kgs .I.D.35×H51cm.
  • 1Kg/Bag, aluminum foil bag vacuum packing.
  • Sample, double sealed water plastic bags inside with the aluminum bag outside.

Where to buy Euphoria longan fruit extract?

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