What is White willow bark extract powder (Salicin)?

White willow bark extract powder (Salicin) is an alcoholic β-glucoside. Salicin acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the human body. Populus species’ bark and the leaves of willows and poplars, and castoreum also contain Salicin. It is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic.

Salicin was the historical origin of aspirin. When consumed, the acetalic ether bridge is broken down. The two parts of the molecule, glucose, and salicyl alcohol, are then metabolized separately. By oxidizing the alcohol function, the aromatic part is finally metabolized to salicylic acid. Salicin tastes bitter like quinine. Alkaline cleavage of the glucoside populin produces benzoate and Salicin.


Willow bark could ease aches and pains and reduce fevers. It has long been used in Europe and China for the treatment of these conditions. After the Latin name Salix, the active white willow bark extract, called salicin, was isolated to its crystalline form in 1828 by Henri Leroux and Raffaele Piria. They then succeeded in separating the acid in its pure state. Salicylic acid, like aspirin, is a chemical derivative of salicin.

White willow bark extract powder (Salicin) benefits

  1. Relieve pain and reduce fevers, including headache, back and neck pain, muscle aches, and menstrual cramps.
  2. White willow bark extract powder (Salicin) is a natural alternative to aspirin-one of the most common uses in dietary supplements as an adjunct for weight loss.
  3. Treatment inflammation.
  4. Treat scabies, erysipelas, decayed tooth, swelling in the gum.
  5. Effective on dispelling wind-evil, increasing urine, reducing swelling.


  1. Food field, because of its role to help digestion, is widely used in health supplements.
  2. Health product field, it can be used as a natural succedaneum for herbal medicine, nutrition or aspirin.
  3. Cosmetics field, it can inhibit whelk and relieve swelling and pain.with the use of ginkgo, ginseng, aloe and other skin-care products, it can protect skin.
  4. Feed additive, it is mainly used as feed additive for diminishing inflammation and promoting digestion.


Salicin15%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 98% by HPLC
Particle Size100% Pass 80 Mesh
Loss on Drying≤5.0%
Heavy Metals≤10ppm
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g
Yeast and Mold≤100cfu/g
Shelf Life

2 Years


Store in tightly sealed containers then place in cool and dry place, and away from moisture, light, oxygen.

  • Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. N.W:25kgs .I.D.35×H51cm.
  • 1Kg/Bag, aluminum foil bag vacuum packing.
  • Sample, double sealed water plastic bags inside with the aluminum bag outside.
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