What is Tea Polyphenol Palmitate (Lipid soluble tea polyphenols)?

Tea Polyphenol Palmitate (Lipid soluble tea polyphenols) has many health functions. However, the structure of catechins in tea polyphenols has many hydroxyl, which determines it has strong hydrophilic and poor oil-wet characteristics, affecting its ability to pass through the lipid membrane intracellular and reducing its pharmacological function.

We makes the production of tea polyphenol palmitate (Lipid soluble tea polyphenols). It enhances not only the lipotropic ability but also performance the advantages of both catechins and fatty acids, moreover, the clinic experiment proves that it retain the physiological and pharmacological functions of water-soluble physiological, so it can easily pass through the cell membrane into the intracellular to interact with target molecular, then play its pharmacological benefits and strengthen the function of the treatment or prevention of disease.

Specifications of Tea Polyphenol Palmitate (Lipid soluble tea polyphenols)


  • Appearance: Red brown liquid.
  • Active ingredients: Lipid Soluble Tea Polyphenols≥30%
  • Solubility: Completely soluble in oils and fats at room temperature


  • Appearance: Light brown powder
  • Active ingredients: Lipid Soluble Tea Polyphenols≥70%/90%
  • Solubility: Soluble in oils and fats, the temperature of oils and fats should be between 90 and 110 degrees


  1. Applied in the food field, tea polyphenols in foods can maintain original flavor, prevent corruption, prevent oxidation, and prevent discoloration, with the function of restraining and killing bacteria, which will improve food hygiene standards.
  2. The pharmaceutical industry uses it widely and uses it to treat cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  3. Applied in the cosmetic field, protecting skin from harmful sun exposure, which will prevent skin cancer.
TypeWeight of AdditiveMethod of Application
Oil0.03%Adding into the oil by proper addition and stiring.
Meat Products0.02%Adding directly to the raw materials.
Dairy Products0.02%Adding to the raw materials, homogenating
Butterine0.015%Adding to the raw oil
Instant Noodles0.02%Adding to the raw materials or fried oil
Mooncake0.03%Adding to the mooncake evenly
Pharmaceuticals0.1%~0.2% or according to the demandUniform mixing
Cosmetics1.0%~3.0% or according to the demandUniform mixing

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