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Theabrownin Pu-erh tea extract

Theabrownin Pu-erh Tea Extract

Theabrownin Powder Pu-erh Tea Extract is a purely natural substance extracted. We use Pu-erh tea and, through modern physical technology, without any additives to produce it. Meanwhile, ultrafiltration may separate the possible pesticide residues, heavy metals, bacteria, and other components that endanger human health; In conclusion, it improves the human body’s overall metabolic balance. It is of great benefit. It has significant effects on blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure, and uric acid.

Instant Oolong Tea Powder

Instant Oolong Tea Powder

Instant Oolong Tea Powder refers to a traditional Chinese tea produced through a unique process, including oxidation and withering under the sun before twisting and curling. With the unique character of Oolong Tea well preserved, it tastes mellow with a pleasant fragrance.

Instant Black Tea Powder

Instant Black Tea Powder​

Instant black tea powder is processed from choice black tea produced in Yunnan, Qimen, and Sichuan through scientific and physical extraction. Meanwhile, it is refined through unique clarification technology, and it can fully dissolve in water at the temperature of 0℃. In addition, part of the products can be fully dissolved in PH3 in cold water at a temperature below 5℃, highly suitable for solid ice tea production. In conclusion, we provide a wide variety of instant black tea powder, brown in color, mellow in taste, and pure natural quality. It is widely used in the production of a variety of tea drinks and tea flavor food, and we can satisfy the demand for ice tea, milk tea, pure tea, solid and direct drink in different fields.

Instant Green Tea Powder

Instant Green Tea Powder

Instant green tea powder is processed by aroma recovery, low-temperature extraction, a rapid concentration at low temperature, and low-temperature freeze-drying. It retains the color, fragrance, and taste of the original tea. It has the characteristics of pure tea, harmonious taste, and bright color. The product quality is stable and easy to control.

Instant Jasmine Tea Powder

Instant Jasmine Tea Powder

What is Instant Jasmine Tea Powder? Instant jasmine tea powder is a light brown-yellow powder made from high-quality jasmine tea selected from Huangshan and Lushan. It is refined and processed by aroma recovery, low-temperature extraction, low-temperature rapid …

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Instant White Tea Powder

Instant White Tea Powder

What is Instant White Tea Powder? TIZAN produces instant white tea powder with high-quality white tea. Above all, it uses advanced processing equipment and efficient processing technology to maximize the retention of active ingredients such as …

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Reishi Mushroom Extract Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Powder

Reishi Mushroom Extract

What is Reishi Mushroom Extract? Reishi Mushroom Extract Ganoderma Lucidum Extract significantly increased the threshold for psychomotor seizures. It also confers anti-inflammatory activity as evidenced by inhibitory activity of lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric oxide production. Reishi Mushroom …

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