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Lavender Extract Powder | Lavandula angustifolia Extract

Lavender Extract

What is Lavender Extract Powder? Lavender Extract Powder is a fine brown powder, and we extract it from Lavandula angustifolia, often referred to as Lavender. Its use over centuries in traditional medicine and cosmetics. We can found …

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Ramie Extract Powder

Ramie Extract Powder

What is Ramie Extract? TIZAN Ramie Extract Powderis exracted form Boehmeria nivea, which is a flowering plant in the nettle family Urticaceae, native to eastern Asia. It is a herbaceous perennial growing to 1–2.5 m tall; the leaves are heart-shaped, 7–15 cm long and …

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Silk Essence

Silk Amino Acids

What are Silk amino acids Silk Essence? Silk amino acids Silk Essence (SAAs), also known as Sericin, is a natural water-soluble glycoprotein extracted from raw silk. It is also named Silk Essence. It is used …

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Silk Peptide Powder

Silk Peptide Powder

What is Silk Peptide Powder? Silk Peptide Powder is partially hydrolyzed silk fibroin powder by the degradation of silk fibroin protein. It is highly skin and hair compatible, whose molecular weight is between 500 and …

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Sericin Powder

Sericin Powder

What is Sericin Silk Powder? Sericin Silk Powder is the colloid protein wrapping in the outer layer of silk. Silk is the long continuous fiber consists of two fibroins and the sericin covering the outside. The general …

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silk fibroin powder

Silk Fibroin Powder

What is Silk Powder (Silk Fibroin Powder)? Silk Fibroin Powder is a kind of macromolecular silk fibroin in powder form made from the silk fibroin degummed under high pressure, requires special craft processing, and smash …

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